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September Daycamps! Ages 6-11

Have a fun-filled time in a positive, action-packed environment. Make new friends, meet old friends, and go on exciting adventures. Children enjoy age/skill appropriate activities, indoor and outdoor sports, active & co-operative games, art & crafts, baking, out-trips and MORE.

Time: 9:00am-4:00pm


Monday 1

Tuesday 2
Opening Day: Obstacle Course

Wednesday 3
Granville Island Water Park

Thursday 4
Crafts Fun!

Friday 5
Science World   

Monday 8
Canadian Idol

Tuesday 9
Sports Day!

Wednesday 10
Town N Country Bowling

Thursday 11
Marpole Waterpark

Friday 12
Vancouver Aquarium 

(Daily schedule and out-trip calendar subject to change)

Fall Program Registration

Marpole-Oakridge Fall Recreation Guide

Recreation Programs at Marpole-Oakridge Community Centre

Fall Program Registration begins Monday August 18 at 9:00am Learn more about how to register.

  • View our Summer 2014 Brochure (PDF 1mb)- Register Now for Programs

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Online Registration   Log onto your account

By Phone: 604-257-8180,  Press 2
You may register yourself and up to two other people in each course. Visa and Mastercard are accepted.

In Person
You may register yourself and up to two other people in each course. Cash, debit, cheque, Visa and Mastercard are accepted.


Fall Program Registration

Fall 2014 President's Message

After the leisure of summer, September is always the time to reconnect to those recreational programs that you love or recommit to new ones that broaden your interests or help you to achieve a better level of fitness.
Your community centre Board and staff have put together a large selection of programs in the areas of: recreation sports, wellness, and performing arts. Visit our friendly staff, browse our brochure, or visit us online at to see what is on offer. If you have any suggestions for new programs do not hesitate to pass along your ideas to the front counter staff.

On a sad note Karen Grant the community centre’s recreation supervisor is moving to Sunset Community Centre. Karen has been with us for the past 8 yrs. and it is an understatement to say that she will be missed. Karen has been crucial in keeping the centre running in a friendly efficient welcoming manner that has benefited all. She has been a steady, dedicated, extraordinary supervisor. We all wish her only the best.

In my previous message to you I had noted that Park Board had assured us that the remaining funds necessary to renew the community centre would be placed in this upcoming capital plan. (50% of the necessary funds were approved in the last municipal elections). We have just learned that the remaining funds required for Marpole-Oakridge community centre’s renewal are not part of the City’s new capital plan. City hall did not phone to tell us of this decision; they did not write or email; they did not ask us to attend a meeting. We found out about this shocking change by reading it in the newspaper. There was no consultation and we were never informed of this arbitrary decision. Park Board staff and parks board managers were also not informed and they also found out through the newspaper. I have been given no explanation for this but continue to ask for one. At one time, parks board had a participatory process for making decisions of this type, but now, such decision making has been taken over by city hall. This new way of making decisions appears to lack both transparency and consultation. We are disappointed and bewildered by city hall and this decision. Renewal of the Marpole-Oakridge community centre had been given priority status within the parks board system and we thought it was also a priority at city hall. Somehow that priority status has changed. The Marpole-Oakridge Community Association Board will continue to promote community centre renewal and its legitimacy to be included in this capital plan.

The Marpole-Oakridge Community Association Board is a volunteer group, we encourage all community members to become part of MOCA by volunteering on the Board or on the Program, Youth, or Renewal committees.

Yours in befuddlement
Norman Zottenberg – president MOCA


Summer is a great time for Kids at Marpole-Oakridge CC.


Join our Summer Daycamps---Sign up now!

Summer Adventure Camp (6-8 yrs)
An all-day fun filled camp. Children will go on 3 out-trips per week. Please note that 5 year olds can register providing they are entering into Gr. 1 on Sept 2, 2014.
Runs weekly June 30-August 29         
9:00am-4:00pm            $114/ 4 days or $142/5 days

Funseekers Daycamp (9-12 yrs)
Children will participate in physical, social and educational activities including: games, sports, theatre, crafts and out-trips.(3 per week)
Runs weekly June 30-August 29         
9:00am-4:00pm    $114/ 4 days or $142/5 days

View schedules and download waivers | Register online


Youth Activities


Don't be bored this summer. 

We are dedicated to the creative and innovative minds of the Marpole Oakridge community youth. Join us for exciting activities! Play pool, table tennis, Nintendo Wii, games and more!  The youth groups are led by the Marpole Oakridge Community Centre Youth Worker. Learn more



Marpole-Oakridge Preschool

Marpole Preschool 604-257-8180 is recognized in the Early Childcare Education field as a leader and now has limited spots available for parents who want their child to experience play-based learning in a safe, caring environment.

Marpole Preschool provides a play-based program that implements emergent curriculum inspired by Reggio Emilia preschools in Italy. We develop our curriculum by observing what and how children play and by listening closely to their voices. Based on observations, we provide an experience or materials that guides children to further explore their interests and what they want to discover. We then make further observation and provide further experiences, and this cycle goes on to support children's learning.

We believe children are competent, resourceful, creative, and curious!

We support children's individual learning as well as encourage collaborative learning through sharing ideas and working together.
We are looking forward to working with your child and you, the guardians, as a team!

Marpole-Oakridge Community Centre 990 West 59th Ave at Oak Street Vancouver

MOCC Literacy Program

The COMMUNITY CENTRE invites patrons to assist in a new LITERACY initiative by dropping off books for young readers and adults to enjoy.The new bookcase provides FREE books to readers who will be encouraged to TAKE ONE, GIVE ONE.

Please drop off your book donations to the front office.

Thank you.

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Marpole-Oakridge Community Association

Community Envolvement

Marpole-Oakridge Community Association is inviting people who value their community to be a part of a strong, dynamic team of volunteers.

To find out more, contact Karen Grant, Community Recreation Supervisor at 604 257-8177.

A great interactive way to make a contribution to MOCA’s commitment to

“offer accessible and diverse leisure opportunities to enhance the well-being of individuals and strengthen a sense of community in a safe and welcoming environment.”

Spring President's Message

As this is our first brochure of the year let me begin by wishing everyone a healthy and prosperous 2014.
Spring is always a time of optimism and reinvigoration. The Marpole-Oakridge Community Centre (MOCC) offers a diverse range of programs for all ages that will hopefully suit your whimisical wants. The many programs offered at MOCC are administered by the Marpole-Oakridge Community Association (MOCA). The Board of Parks and Recreation (PB) provide the facility and staff. The MOCC staff are a wonderfully committed group who provide the community with stellar service. If you have any suggestions for new programs do not hesitate to pass the rest


View our Virtual Facility Tour!


View our facility spaces through our Tour Gallery.
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The Centre is a two story building with an elevator. It is wheelchair accessible with a 31 stall parking lot, including two handicapped spaces. On-street parking is also available.

This building has a full-size gymnasium for sports events and a variety of rooms, accommodating from 30-150 people.

Use Marpole-Oakridge Community Centre for your monthly or annual general meetings, parties, receptions, training sessions, seminars, special events or occasions, dances, recitals, sport events and tournaments!



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